Our Foundation

Exalto Designs was established in early 2021. Our two founders wanted to take their knowledge of web design and marketing and help businesses grow and expand their online channels. Exalto Designs accomplishes this by first understanding our client’s needs and wants. Basically, we learn our client’s businesses so that we understand their customer base. We believe this is something that really sets us apart. Once we take the time to learn their mission, values, and business, we have better understanding of how to execute a plan. Exalto Designs works with our clients every step of the way to continue their growth. After all, we believe that our business can’t reach its goals, without our clients reaching theirs. 

Our Mission Statement

To bridge the gap between our clients and their customers through a captivating and robust online presence 


Daniel Ehrenberg – Cofounder, Account Manager

Daniel is one of Exalto Design’s Cofounders. He likes anything outdoorsy, enjoys rooting for Ohio State football and in his free time he loves to work on spreadsheets. Yes, you heard that right, spreadsheets. Furthermore, Daniel is married with a son and a daughter on the way. Daniel manages our finances, budget planning, risk assessments, and forecasting. Daniel is a huge asset in making sure Exalto Designs can continue to grow and expand our services. 


Austyn Buchanan – Cofounder, Project Manager

Austyn is the second Cofounder of Exalto. He spends a lot of time hiking, camping, and kayaking. He enjoys watching football and UFC. Firstly, Austyn works one on one with our clients to improve their website designs and SEO strategy. Currently, If you work with Exalto Designs on your website, then you will work with Austyn. Austyn’s main goal for our clients is for them to leave our introduction meetings with more clarity than before. 

Our Values

  • Integrity In Our Work
  • Commitment To Our Clients
  • Unity In Our Team

Ready To Get Started?

We are eager to meet and discuss all that Exalto Designs has to offer. Contact us today for a Free Quote. 

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