5 Things to Ask Your Website Designer Before They Start Your Project

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You may have so many questions to ask your website designer when you first connect with them. But you want to make sure you prioritize what questions are the most important.  It can be a bit overwhelming when you first decide to have your website built or redesigned. Should you go with a big web design agency or smaller ones? Is your budget even big enough for a website? Should you try building the website yourself or outsource it? All of these are extremely important questions. But once you decide who you’re going to work with, you need to compile a list of important questions to ask them. 

I have listed below, 5 things to ask your website designer before they start your project, in hopes that you can use this start your list.  


1.Do you have a portfolio I can see?


Every established web designer should have a portfolio of past clients they have worked with. Most of the time, their work is listed on their website to see. If it’s not, make sure you ask to see some examples of previous work. Look at things like design type, different functions they have used, and overall feel of the sites. These things are important when making decisions about your own website.  


2. Do I have enough of a budget for your services? 


One of the first things to talk about with your designer is your budget. Layout your budget to make sure it’s enough for the project. There is nothing worse than planning out your whole website just to find out that your $5000 over your budget for what you want. Communicate it early and often.  


3. Do you build custom websites or templates? 


Many people don’t realize that these are two different things. A template-based website is a website built with a template that may be used by other people. You don’t have much creativity in the layout. The only difference between your site and someone else using the template is usually the colors and content. A custom website is a website that is designed from scratch. They allow the owner to have a lot more functionality and more say in how the website looks. Custom websites are usually pricier than templates.  


4. Do you write the content for the website? 


This is one of the biggest surprises to business owners. In a standard price website, the content is supplied by the client. Some agencies will provide copywritten content, but it’s usually an upsell, and will need to be added onto the invoice. It’s better to talk about this up front with your designer.  

5. Do you maintain the website after it’s built? 


Websites must be maintained after they are built. Security updates, Content updates, SEO updates all need to be performed monthly, if not weekly. Make sure you ask your designer if this is something that is offered. Most agencies will have website care plans that you can pay for monthly, or yearly, that covers all this, along with hosting.  


Exalto Designs Services: 


If you are currently in the market for a website, or maybe you need some help with maintenance, Exalto can help. We offer one on one support when making decisions about your website. You can get a free consultation and quote before deciding. Our current clients love the fact that we don’t pressure them into anything, and they know what they are getting upfront.  


“Exalto is exactly what I needed to complete my website and move forward with my business.   I appreciated that Austyn communicated with me where he was during the entire process.   After the website was completed, Austyn trained me on how to operate it and was still available to help with any glitches or questions I had.   It was comforting to know that he would continue to help me with any questions after the contract was closed.    I would highly recommend Exalto.”  

– Heather McKay, Children’s Book Author 


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This article was written by: Austyn Buchanan 

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